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Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unlimited storage & bandwidth 100% Free
no paid accounts
No quality restriction
No speed restriction
No time restriction
Built-in CDN – Unlimited storage of images / video / mp3 / file / Earn money from writing post

Write articles against cloud storage and enjoy unlimited storage with direct and permanent links to your files

The site is a beta version and
We are looking for developers to develop the site and make it compatible with cloud storage service fully

Exclusive Offer for all Users – Just tell us what you need and we might accomplish your demand We provide customized solutions .

We are offering individual deals for webmasters with alot of traffic. Contact us for further informations.

Say goodbye to deleting files after upload or expiration of links has been provided to give any user the opportunity to share files in freely available formats without any restrictions
Uploading of any type of files will be permitted after the site is developed

Viral post Type an article when uploading your file We store your files completely free and ensure you do not delete them and you can make money by writing articles from which the site will get visits

Why you should use us?
fully responsive -> mobile friendly file
All files are stored on an external cloud storage service. If there is a problem with the site, there is no need to worry. Your files are kept safe with a permanent link
No one can delete uploaded files
No limits on storage / download speed
no captcha
100% reliable

Main features
15Gb maximum File Size
Unlimited Storage
unlimited bandwidth
no Paid features. Everything is free for everyone
share without any limitations. No Upload and Downloadspeed limitations

Technical features
storage locations now: UK (London, Slough), Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Available storage locations: UK (London, Slough), Netherlands (Amsterdam), *Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich), *Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt)
* on demand

How long do you host my files?
Registred User Upload: lifetime

Is Porn allowed?
We’re allowing legal porn files

How to upload files

how to upload video

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how to upload video on internet

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Media Library



Through this you can get the permanent link to your file
In order to ensure the continuity of the site, advertisements are displayed to provide appropriate profits for the site’s development
Please contribute to writing a variety of articles without violating Google AdSense policies

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