Jeff Bezos says National Enquirer is blackmailing him with nude photos

Jeff Bezos says that “top people” at the National Enquirer are trying to blackmail him by publishing photos that show the Amazon chief executive naked. In a blog post published Thursday, Bezos said he was recently threatened with publication of intimate photos of him with Lauren Sanchez, a journalist Bezos has been linked with romantically. Bezos’ post includes email…
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Here’s the first trailer for the VR sequel to Groundhog Day

Sony Pictures is taking audiences back to Punxsutawney… this time in virtual reality. Whether it’s an abomination and a perversion of one of the best movies in the Bill Murray oeuvre or a great way to immerse a viewer in one of the most perfectly realized worlds…

Net neutrality goes to court

The fate of the Obama-era net neutrality rules could come down to whether the FCC followed proper procedure when it wrote and implemented its repeal of the controversial regulations. That’s the takeaway from nearly 5-hours of oral arguments where the agency defended…