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New Stranger Things novel to reveal Chief Hopper’s origins

Netflix’s mysterious show about monsters invading Hawkins, Indiana, and the kids who fight them will return with season 3 in July, but until then fans can read all about Chief Jim Hopper’s backstory in a new Stranger Things tie-in novel.

Netflix announced on Friday that the prequel novel Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town will offer more details about the character played on the series by David Harbour.

“When Eleven gets curious about unanswered questions, Hopper is forced to reckon with some long-buried secrets,” Netflix tweeted.

Darkness of the Edge of Town will “follow Hopper during his time “as a homicide detective in New York City, 1977,” according to the book’s author Adam Christopher.

The novel will hit bookstores on June 4, which is plenty of time to read it before Stranger Things season 3 debuts on July 4. 

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It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first Stranger Things tie-in book fans can dig into before the season 3 premiere. 

Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds by Gwenda Bond is already in bookstores. The book focuses on Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives, who was involved with covert experiments at the secret government facility in the late 1960s. 

Suspicious Minds also explains how Terry ended up in the catatonic state we saw her in during the first season of Stranger Things.

There’s also a new guide titled Stranger Things: World Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion, which came out in 2018. 

Looking for more info on Stranger Things season 3? Check out our complete guide here. 

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