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Instagram’s world-record egg creator revealed before Super Bowl 2019

Though the world record egg became an overnight viral sensation, the human creator behind Instagram’s most-liked post ever has remained a mystery that was proving hard to crack. 

It all started with the photo of a chicken’s egg, posted to Instagram account world_record_egg on Jan. 4, 2019. Over the past month, the egg not only beat Kylie Jenner’s Instagram record of 18.7 million likes, but zoomed past 50 million little Instagram hearts to dominate the ‘gram.

Speaking after breaking the record, the anonymous user behind the egg account called the yolk-filled shell “Eugene” and said that it was “appreciative of the amazing support”. Then, over the following weeks, subsequent images of the egg on Instagram showed cracks in the shell.

The most recent update suggests that EGG GANG will reveal all post-Super Bowl, on Feb. 3.

However, the dedicated detectives at BuzzFeed News appear to have already solved the mystery early, revealing that the creator behind the account is Chris Godfrey, a creative working with London advertising agency The&Partnership. The BuzzFeed teamed followed a trail of early posts discussing the egg, leading back to Godfrey — and Mashable confirmed that Godfrey had indeed laid Instagram’s golden egg.

Still, it appears there is more to come from the EGG GANG, with all to be revealed on Hulu following the Super Bowl

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